Confidential Data Center Client



This confidential data center client operates hundreds of data centers around the world. They require a standardized approach to security, following the textbook example of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) design and implementation.

Exante360 Contribution

Exante360 has completed over 100 projects for this client. Our dedicated team designs and drafts site intrusion detection systems, access control, video surveillance, infrastructure cabling and radio systems for their facilities. In addition to coordinating design requirements with client project managers, Exante360 also performs site surveys, and develops design documents that are suitable for construction. We also assist the client with construction administration, punch-list and project close-out activities.

Benefit to the Client

To meet evolving societal challenges, the client is constantly progressing and in turn, we evolve with them to meet their requirements. Exante360's versatile team is familiar with the client's building designs, policies and procedures, allowing us to implement an impermeable security environment.

Operations Perspective

This client is at the leading edge of technology. During the design process we are often asked to make rapid changes towards newer technologies, which has fostered close working relationships with new vendors and product manufacturers. This allows our team to be well versed in the latest practices in data center technology and site security.




Access control, video surveillance, infrastructure cabling design, radio system infrastructure, ERCES