Disney Global Security

Glendale, CA


The Walt Disney Company encompasses a variety of entertainment mediums from theme parks and cruise ships to film/television and toys. Fun fact: Disney operates 14 Disney theme parks in five countries around the world.

Exante360 Contribution

Exante360 aligned all card holder information into a common data set that could be utilized globally. This highly complex project, which required modifications and transformations to the current databases, ran parallel to a system platform transition. There were 45+ software interfaces for the clients operating processes that were rebuilt and validated in both the QA and production environment because they were needed immediately after the migration.

Benefit to the Client

Prior to the project, The Walt Disney Corporation access control systems were regional only - none of the systems were connected to each other. Exante360 created a central location for the global system, allowing for normalization across the enterprise with processes and procedures.

Operations Perspective

This was one of the most technically intricate projects Exante360 had ever completed. The complexity derived from a vast card holder database with over 3 million active card holders. Exante360 developed both QA and production environments to validate and perform UA testing prior to moving into production. Creating the process within a test environment allowed us to identify pain points and strategize solutions prior to the go-live migration.


Glendale, CA 91201


Access control, database migration