HUCLA Olive View Medical Center

Los Angeles, CA


This project consisted of the replacement of an existing fire alarm and nurse call system. The existing fire alarm, nurse call and code blue systems at the 377-bed acute care hospital were installed when the facility was originally constructed in the 1980s. These systems had become obsolete.

Exante360 Contribution

Exante360 identified the existing fire alarm system was in worse shape than anticipated which required additional project work before beginning the upgrade. E360 provided the initial design which provided the client with a backbone. The existing infrastructure was utilized as much as possible which satisfied some of the client's initial concerns about the scope of the project. Exante360 assisted the client with contractor challenges and brought the project to a satisfactory level of success.

Benefit to the Client

Exante360 was able to provide the client with team continuity. E360 has been involved with the project for so long and utilizing the same team, therefore we were able to have insights that even the client did not have.

Operations Perspective

Exante360 supported public works beyond what was in the initial scope to ensure that the design put in place met the scoping documents. E360 completed several document reviews in addition to those that were initially scoped. Exante360 helped helped the client work through the design-build submittal process and identified gaps in the design as well as areas where the costs were being inflated.


Los Angeles, CA


Nurse call, fire alarm, paging and clock system upgrade




Approx. 564,000 sq. ft.