Kaiser Permanente

Oakland, CA


Kaiser Permanente is an integrated managed care consortium, based in Oakland, California and operating across several states. It is the largest managed care organization in the United States. Exante360 has been the HCAI (formerly-OSHPD) Architect of Record (AOR) and submitted directly to HCAI on several KP projects, as the regulator is now requiring low voltage systems infrastructure to be reviewed and approved during design and prior to installation. We have also provided non-technology services regarding the role of security in patient management by adhering to the International Association of Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS) basic industry guidelines.

Exante360 Contribution

Since 2013 Exante360 has been a KP NFS Tier 1 vendor that provides security design and consulting services to Kaiser Permanente. We have completed tens of projects with KP in SoCal, NorCal as well as KP Washington. Exante360 has also produced deliverables for the San Diego service area-wide security technology assessments, as well as for countless pharmacy hardening initiatives.

Benefit to the Client

Exante360’s knowledge of KP systems, processes, procedures, and standards allows for fast turnaround times of quality deliverables that meet client expectations.  Over the years, E360 has provided all low voltage systems consulting and design services, including security technology.  Keeping all these systems under a single vendor has been a major benefit to the client.

Operations Perspective

Working as a consultant for KP is quite enjoyable, thanks to the client's sophistication, but also thanks to the fact that they have been using consultants for a long time.  Technology standards, set aside budgets, the use of templates, comprehensive expectations, etc. are some of the measures put in place by KP, which allows for meeting project expectations while remaining price competitive at the same time.




Access control, video surveillance, nurse call, exit signs, DC UPS, Public Address (PA)