LACCD Door Locks & Access Control

Los Angeles, CA


This project was broken out into three regions and consisted of two phases, with phase one involving Exante360 creating a lockdown strategy for mechanical door hardware only and phase two involving coordination between architecture, door hardware and electrical to create an access control system that would meet the Chancellor's directive, while also improving accessibility into the college campuses.

Exante360 Contribution

This project took a lot of coordination with the client as even manufacturers didn’t have the specific hardware required for this. E360 worked specifically on project management, product cut sheet specifications, drawings and plans.

Benefit to the Client

Exante360 subject matter expertise with access control, door locking hardware as well as with DSA made it possible to achieve very aggressive scheduling constraints to comply with the Chancellor's directive.

Operations Perspective

The client wanted a fully POE powered access control system. Exante360 facilitated this desire by providing a cost/impact analysis of POE versus a traditional design for the project. The project team worked through many design challenges and ultimately we succeeded at placing POE powered controls at all the doors that where originally included in the scope of work.


Los Angeles, CA


Access control


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