Los Angeles City Employees’ Retirement System (LACERS)

Los Angeles, CA


The Los Angeles City Employees’ Retirement System (LACERS) was established over 80 years ago as a retirement trust fund for the civilian employees of the City of Los Angeles. LACERS provides a defined benefit retirement plan inclusive of service retirements, disability retirements, and survivor benefits.

Exante360 Contribution

Exante360 evaluated another vendors' security design and assisted the owner representative with a comparison of scope request vs. deliverable. When discrepancies were discovered, E360 assisted in rectifying both design and drawing packages.

Benefit to the Client

Exante360 remedied incomplete designs from a prior vendor, clarified scope gaps for the client and helped to ensure both design and drawings were thoroughly vetted for accuracy. This in turn resulted in apple-to-apple contractor bids, and cost savings for the City.

Operations Perspective

At the project start, Exante360 only generated a drawing package. We were not involved with the design creation process or specifications. This created a challenge as we identified scope gaps and design flaws. After presenting to the client, Exante360 was asked by the owner representatives to take on a greater construction administration role.


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Access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection systems, AV systems, telecom, WiFi