Rancho Santiago Community College District

Santa Ana, CA


This project involved a district-wide initiative to upgrade the access control system of over 250 doors and address related ADA issues. The project consisted of three sites: Santiago Canyon College (SCC), Santa Ana College (SAC), and the Corporate Headquarters. Each site (or phase) was treated as an individual DSA project with its own independent design and construction phases.

Exante360 Contribution

Exante360 worked on four buildings across three different campuses. E360 upgraded the existing system to a new Genetec system and also replaced existing hardware with new. For buildings with no access control in place, E360 designed for a new install.

Benefit to the Client

The client already had a Genetic system installed on a few of the doors in one building. Exante360 completed a survey was able to tie new hardware into the existing system with the addition of access panels.

Operations Perspective

The client was specific on what they wanted/which doors they wanted. E360 discussed this plan with them and generated a design that made sense. The unique building architecture took additional design coordination with the architect and the owner to get a solid design.


Santa Ana, CA


Access control


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