Sacramento County

Sacramento, CA


The Sacramento County Main Jail was built in 1989 and has the capacity to hold over 2,000 inmates. Jail Psychiatric Services has provided mental health services to inmates since 1978.

Exante360 Contribution

Exante360 was tasked to design a noise level monitoring intercom system, which included door lock and lighting controls, for the medical and psychiatric units. We also drafted touchscreen control interfaces for each panel with proposed switches.

Benefit to the Client

The client was able to replace an antiquated system. The current system did not provide noise level monitoring, which created a disruptive environment for staff and inmates. Operationally, there is a requirement that the inmates must be able to contact staff for help from their cells. The new system designed by Exante360 allows for this to occur.

Operations Perspective

This project was extremely complicated and technical as it involved the use of intricate PLC systems, as well as the integration of three other systems already in place. The intercom system needed to interface with touchscreen control software which contained a variety of screens with variable levels of controls.


651 I St, Sacramento, CA 95814


Noise level monitoring intercom