Professional Services

A flexible ICT system that fits your needs and budget

Information and Communications Technology projects are often dynamic, requiring a wide range of support and expertise to ensure success. Exante360, Inc.’s credentialed professionals provide technical support to businesses and institutions in Healthcare, Education, Government, and Corporate environments.

  • Owner/Client Representative
  • Cost Estimation/Budgeting
  • Peer Review
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Program and Project Management
  • Standards and Program Development
  • Compliance Management
  • End User Device Planning
  • Technology Systems Design
  • Strategic/Master Planning
  • Needs Assessment
  • Contractor Bid-Ready Documents
  • Commissioning and Close-Out Services
  • Software Evaluations
  • Move Management

Consulting / Design

Our consultants lead you through every critical step

From concept to go-live, from status quo to the new state of affairs, Exante360 change management consultants are ready to open the way.

  • Infrastructure Cabling Design & Outside Plant
  • Outside Plant/Underground Utility
  • IT Network Design
  • Intercom & Overhead Paging
  • Wireless
    – Wifi
    – Point-to-Point
    – Licensed & Unlicensed
    – 5G Wireless
    – Distributed Antenna Systems
    – RFID
  • Audio Visual
  • Telephony
  • Fire Alarm
  • Medical Communications
    – Nurse Call
    – Clock Systems
    – Patient Entertainment
    – Telemetry
    – Patient Monitoring
  • Electronic Security
    – Access Control
    – Video Systems
    – Intrusion Systems
    – Infant Protection
    – Panic Alarms
    – Emergency Call Stations
    – Biometrics
    – Command Centers (GSOC)
    – Asset Tracking
    – Turnstiles
    – Wander Systems


A successful information modeling and drafting strategy begins with the right partnership.

Exante360’s fully established production standards combined with a high degree of software automation allows for our certified drafters to prioritize quality and timeliness for every deliverable.

  • Specialties

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Services & Solutions

Clash Detection
Cross Discipline
Custom Revit Families
BIM Coordination
Security Command Center Layouts
Security and ICT Suite Space Planning
Audio Visual Room Layouts
Audio Visual Ceiling Layouts
Data Center Layouts
City Permits
Drafting Services
Construction Documents
BIM360/ACC Hub Hosting
PDF Conversions
Image Conversions
Production Standards

Security Master Planning

The true value of a physical security program can often be difficult to assess.

Typically viewed as either a tool for regulatory compliance or as a vehicle for the mitigation of risk, it is perceived by many executive decision makers as an unavoidable expense.

Viewed in the proper light, an organization’s physical security program is understood to be much more than a cost center. A successful security program must support the mission of the institution that it serves with relevant metrics that are aligned to the company’s goals and objectives. Today’s leading organizations, particularly in the Healthcare and Education sectors, cannot afford to undervalue or overlook the role of security when considering their customer base and services.

Exante360 industry certified experts have a long history of working with clients that have recognized the critical importance of their physical security program as a contributing factor to achieving their strategic goals. Our Security Master Planning projects incorporate efficient and innovative recommendations that further the development of system-wide security guidelines with a focus on maximizing the effective use of an organization’s existing resources and creating a logical roadmap for future design, new construction, and renovations.

Security Master Planning activities include:

Policy Review & Development
Technology Evaluation & Implementation Planning
Standards Development
Project Strategic Planning, Budgeting, and Management
Regulatory Compliance
In-Depth Security Department Evaluation
Current and Emerging Threat Assessments

Physical Security

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

Effective security design is the product of a well thought-out holistic approach. Solutions based on only one design concept, such as technology systems, rarely offer the best value or provide the most effective results. Today’s most successful security designs include the concepts of Defensible Space, Territoriality, Natural Surveillance, Lighting, and Landscaping.

Technology Implementation
Today’s security technology is ever-changing. Advancements in connectivity methods, communications protocols, software development standards, and distributed processing capabilities are all being leveraged for security technology purposes. Effective implementation of security technology requires an in-depth understanding of how all the sub-systems and components are to work together to provide the user with immediate situational awareness and reliable command and control of all countermeasures.

Security Technology and Construction Management
The successful design of your construction project is dependent on every design team element staying in harmony with all related disciplines. From employing the latest in project management and file sharing technologies to the use of industry standard AutoCAD and BIM tools, Exante360
will seamlessly integrate into your design team and contribute to the elegant success of your project.Our experience in the construction industry brings to your project an in-depth and thorough understanding of all the phases of design. We will be in sync with the rest of the design team from Schematics through Construction Documents. We offer expert Bid Assistance and Construction Administration services to ensure a trouble free implementation of your design.

Risk Management

Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

Rapid change is happening, not only in security techniques and technologies, but in business and life itself. Globalization, information technology, instant communications, business partners, and mergers and acquisitions all bring with them assets, threats, and vulnerabilities that may have been previously unknown to your organization. A thorough threat, risk and vulnerability assessment will ensure understanding of your security posture and establish a clear path toward mitigation.

Protecting an organization’s assets is a daunting task, but beginning the process with a professional Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment from Exante360 will make the task manageable and provide clear direction for the deployment of systems and other countermeasures.

A professional Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment is one of the first, and most critical, steps an organization must accomplish before designing and deploying security mitigation strategies. The goal of an assessment is to identify potential threats against your organization, the assets that could be compromised by those threats, and the vulnerabilities that affect the protection of those assets. Sources of threats that must be examined include Social, Technological, Environmental, and Political. Vulnerabilities might include the socioeconomic condition of your facility’s neighborhood, ineffective security policies and procedures, dishonest employees, lack of clearly defined defensible space, or poor visibility of your assets.

Code and Compliance – HSC 1257.7&1257.8 (California Healthcare)
Security industry experts agree that the extent of formal regulatory requirements affecting healthcare organizations will continue to grow. This notion is evident in the revised CA Health & Safety Code and Compliance Sections 1257.7 and 1257.8 which are revisions to the Code, passed in July 2009 as AB1083, that became enforceable as of July 1, 2010.