Los Angeles, CA

Overview Arena, LA Live and Microsoft Theater together make up one of the busiest entertainment venues in the United States. Arena is the home for four professional sport franchises, while also hosting high-profile events and concerts.

Exante360 Contribution

Exante360 modernized the security systems by redesigning the head-end, by upgrading the IT network, and by updating edge-devices. The client had a clear vision of how they wanted the sites to function. We facilitated bringing this vision to life as well as helping with third party integrations to ensure optimal automation.

Benefit to the Client

Prior to the project, the Arena security system was inconsistent in both desired aesthetics and functionality. Exante360 presented a plan to make it one cohesive system leveraging industry top end solutions, aligning Arena, LA Live, and Microsoft Theatre with the company's status of America's busiest entertainment venue.

Operations Perspective

Prior to Exante360's involvement, there was incomplete documentation of the existing systems and integrations. Technology had been installed progressively over the years presenting obstacles that needed to be overcome with the new system. It was also challenging to work around public events that occur almost daily. Exante360 was able to accommodate by setting clear expectations, and by implementing tight project management controls.


1111 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015


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